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OlyPen Privacy Policy


At OlyPen we take your privacy seriously and want you to know our policies.

Like most companies, we collect information about our customers (Subscribers) and use it to provide our services. We also share some are all information as required to meet our business goals or fulfill our legal obligations. We protect the information we have about our customers, and we require those we share it with to protect it as well.

Information Collected.

We collect information from customers when we provide our services. The information we collect may include your name, address, email address, telephone number, date of birth, social security number, driver's license number, credit information, payment information, and contact information. We also collect information from visitors to our websites and those who click on our Internet ads. This may include information such as the user's operating system, Internet Protocol (IP) address, and what sites the user visited immediately before or after our site.

Recording, reviewing or monitoring of your interactions with OlyPen.

For quality assurance and training, we sometimes review email correspondence and record or listen to calls to or from our customer service and repair personnel, sales offices, and business account managers.

Network management.

We collect and use information generated on our networks to manage them and to keep our services running efficiently. For example, we monitor data to check for viruses, to control spam, to prevent attacks that might disable our services, to ensure that your traffic does not violate our Subscriber Terms of Service Agreement or our Acceptable Use Policy, and to guard against other inappropriate or illegal activity. This involves looking at the characteristics of our network traffic, such as traffic volumes, beginning and ending points of transmissions, and the types of applications being used to send traffic across our network. Sometimes we need to look into the content of the data (such as the specific websites being visited, files being transmitted, or application being used) for the purposes described above, in circumstances when we are concerned about fraud or harassment, to repair a problem we detect or that a customer contacts us about, or when we are providing the content of broadband traffic to law enforcement which we only do as authorized by law.

Use of Information.

In general, we use this personally identifiable information as necessary to render our services to you, to detect unauthorized activities and for tax, legal, accounting and other purposes related to our business. This information is used, among other things:

  • To make sure you are being billed properly and pay for the services you receive;
  • To send you pertinent announcements about the Service you receive;
  • To improve the qualify of OlyPen services;
  • To answer questions from Subscribers, such as troubleshooting; and to send promotional material or information to your about other product and services available from OlyPen and/or its affiliates, subject to applicable law and any .opt-out. choice you may make as described in this Notice.

Information Shared.

OlyPen provides service through a variety of partners and we share information among them to provide your service. We also may use other companies to help us market, sell and bill for our services, and we share information with them. We share information with companies that give us credit evaluations (and let them use the information we give them to provide credit evaluation services for others), collect our unpaid bills, or provide other services to us (such as advice on products or services our customers may be interested in). We may also allow companies to match information provided to them by their potential customers with name and address information in our databases to confirm the identity of their potential customers. Our contracts with those companies require them to keep the information safe and confidential.

Additionally, we give customer information to other service providers when they have our customers. consent, when they need the information to provision service accurately, bill for their services or verify accounts, or when they have a legal right to the information. We share information with law enforcement when the law allows us to do so, such as in emergencies or to protect our rights and property, including our network and the networks of others. We also respond to lawful demands for information from law enforcement and private parties. The law requires us to share names and phone numbers with emergency service providers, whether that information is publicly available in directories or not.

Right to Opt-Out.

You can choose not to receive telephone, direct mail, or email marketing messages from OlyPen and to have your name, address, e-mail address and phone number removed from telemarketing lists. However, you may still receive informational or administrative calls, mail or e-mail.

Customers who wish to removed from marketing lists must contact OlyPen Customer Service by phone at 360-683-1456, by email at sales@olypen.com or by mailing their request to 735 W. Washington St., Sequim, WA 98382.

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