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Postini Message Filtering Overview

OlyPen makes use of the Postini Email filtering service in order to combat the growing amount of unsolicited mail being sent to you. Many have questions about how it all works. We have compiled this "Frequently Asked Questions" document to help you understand how the spam fighting system works, as well as to offer information on reporting sources of inappropriate content on the Internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is spam?
A: Dictionary.com defines Spam as "Unsolicited e-mail, often of a commercial nature, sent indiscriminately to multiple mailing lists, individuals, or newsgroups; junk e-mail."

Q: Who or what is Postini?
A: Postini is a company that specializes in filtering email for spam and virus infected messages. We have enlisted their services in order to make your email experience more enjoyable. When someone sends you an email, it passes through Postini's filtering system to determine if it is spam or if the message has a known virus attached to it. If Postini's system identifies a message as spam or virus infected, it will quarantine the message into your Message Center (see more about the Message Center below)

Q: Are people somewhere reading my mail and deciding what is and isn't spam?
A: No, the mail filter process is completely automated. It would be impossible to staff enough human readers for this volume of mail, and it would be nowhere near as efficient.

Q: If I don't want any spam filtering on my account, how do I get rid of it?
A: You can "opt out" by sending an email to nopostini@olypen.com and we will remove your account from Postini's filtering service. Note that if you regularly check your Message Center (at least once every two weeks) you will not lose any messages due to filtering anyway, since messages are quarantined rather than deleted. If you do not want spam and virus filtering we do encourage you to opt out since each filtered email account does cost a certain amount of money, although we do not pass that expense on to you.

Q: What is the Postini Message Center?
A: This is the place your filtered mail goes to. Messages stay here for two weeks before being deleted. You can go to your Message Center at http://webmail.olypen.com/spam. You can adjust what types of mail get filtered by clicking on the "Junk Mail" and "Virus" links.

Q: I've had trouble logging on to the Message Center. It says I don't have the right password.
A: When logging in, be sure to use your full OlyPen email address. For example, use "freddy@olypen.com", not just "freddy". Your password was first included with the Activation Email sent to you two weeks ago. If you need your password sent again, first try to log in with an incorrect password. You can now click on the "Forgot your password?" link, and a new password will be emailed to you shortly. You can use that password to log in to your Message Center and, if you wish, change your password to something else.

Q: Why am I still receiving junk mail? I thought this new system was supposed to eliminate spam?
A: Postini catches the majority of spam, but some messages can get through because spam detection is not an exact science. If you do receive spam, you can either simply delete it or you can participate in the War Against Spam by forwarding the message to spam@postini.com . This will help them adjust their filters to detect that spammer. Be sure to include the complete headers of the message. No response to this mail is necessary.

Q: How can I report this and other illegal activity on the Internet?
A: You are welcome to use one of the following URL's to submit any websites you you think might be operating illegally, or sources of unsolicited mail:

If you have any problems please contact our Technical Support Staff at 360-683-1456 (Toll Free: 800-303-8696) or email us at support@olypen.com.

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